I love to speak at events

I've been doing it for over seven years now and it's something I get a huge buzz from. What can you expect from me when I speak?

  • A talk that has been tailored for your audience 
  • Practical advice delivered in a straight-talking fashion! 
  • Audience participation - I've been know to throw prizes into the crowd for great answers (note - I don't have to get the audience involved, but prefer to!)
  • Entertainment - I always try to make my audience laugh, it's the best way to learn!

Read on for testimonials, upcoming events and an enquiry form.

Testimonials/Speaking Videos

Event - Turing Fest 2016 - Full Stack Marketing

I was asked back to speak at Turing Fest having delivered a talk the previous year. Sharing a stage with marketing legends such as Rand Fishkin, Wil Reynolds and Oli Gardner was amazing! I opened up the day, I wanted to get the crowd thinking and energised, so involved them at various stages, something I always aim to do. Please note, there were sound issues and a faulty 'clicker', hence the reference to both! You can watch the talk below. I'm going to be co-hosting the Full Stack Marketing stage at Turing Fest 2017, find out more here.


Event - Hosting the 2016 Creative Edinburgh Awards

Mike is a very experienced & entertaining presenter. He has a relaxed style that inspires, educates and motivates
— Janine Matheson, Creative Edinburgh
And the winner is...

And the winner is...


Event - Made in Northern Ireland Subject (Nov 2016) - The Impact Social Media has on Modern Life

Mike provided an outstanding input at our recent event. While hosted within the university sector, our audience comprised a very wide range of disciplines. Without exception glowing comments were provided in our evaluations for Mike! We will definitely go to Mike for future collaboration in this area!
— Dr Kathryn Higgins - Queen's University, Belfast


Event - Full Stack Marketing. You can watch this talk here!

When I was putting together the programme for Full Stack Marketing 2015, I wanted to have one Scottish-based representative alongside the international heavy hitters like Cyrus Shepard and Oli Gardner. I only ever had one name on my Scottish shortlist - Mike. For my money, Mike is one of Scotland’s leading thinkers/writers/“doers” in digital marketing. He didn’t disappoint at Full Stack Marketing, delivering the talk that got the most traction on Twitter and one of the highest ratings in audience feedback. Engaging and humorous, Mike’s talk was peppered full of useful insights and practical takeways that many in the room were probably putting into practice the following Monday morning
— Brian Corcoran - Event Director

Event - Pixels and Pies. Talk title - 'Digital Dilemmas'

He is an engaging and talented speaker, whose enthusiasm and knowledge for all things ‘digital’ is infectious. Our audience was from the food and drink sector and came with a mix of backgrounds and experience – Mike pitched it exactly right. His talk was full of practical tools and tips that business could act on immediately. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike as a speaker for any digital event!
— Elise MacDonald - Event Curator

Event - On the Edge. Talk title - The Content Marketing Conundrum.

Mike recently spoke at our On The Edge London Digital Marketing conference, and having slotted him in as the opening speaker, which is no small feat to set the precedence of the day, as soon as he started his session, I knew the correct choice had been made! His passion, humour and knowledge on his topic, Content Marketing, was instantly infectious throughout the audience which carried on throughout the day.
— Natasha Preocanin - Event Director

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