I spoke last week at the excellent Full Stack Marketing Day at the Turing Festival, sharing the stage with the Likes of Rand Fishkin and Oli Gardner. I had the chance to set the tone for the day by being the first speaker, and I really enjoyed getting the crowd geed up and awake! Here's my slides, which by themselves don't really deliver the key points of the talk, but I've added some notes below and also the videos. The video should be available soon! 

  • S2 - GIF showing fist-bump - I got whole audience to fistbump those next to them
  • S3 - Pic from last year's event
  • S4 - At this point I introduced that fact that there are so many marketing tools on the market (joke re Kanye & Kim being tools)
  • S5 - 7 - I asked the crowd to choose the answer and Jay Baer told them it in the video you can see after these notes
  • S9 - This shows all of the tools on the market as of March 2016
  • S10 - I was going to do this talk based on marketing tech, but I changed my mind and decided I wanted to discover what the marketing community thought the key skills were for marketers today.
  • S11 - But the community told me I was wrong as I'd only listed 'hard-skills' such as SEO, digital advertising etc. They did give their opinions though.
  • S12 - Writing was the No1 choice. 
  • S13 - I told people not to get too focussed on 'storytelling' as it can create too much pressure
  • S14 - 15 Conversion Rate Optimisation was the 2nd skill and Talia Wolf told us why in the video you can see after these notes. It gives us vital data on how our audience acts and interacts.
  • S17 - The 3rd skill was Analytics, this was a joke slide. It's not about finding the data, but knowing what to do with it.
  • S18 - At this point I explained that all hard skills can be learned. We're not robots, we're humans, and we market to humans. It's our brains and feelings that allow us to do this. It's the 'soft-skills' that count. I then went through the top 3
  • S19 - The number 1 soft-skill is Curiosity. You need to want to learn and test at all times. Not just reading, but executing.
  • S20 - This is the blog I started in 2009 as I was curious about social media marketing. It's responsible for my career! 
  • S21 - The 2nd skill is adaptability. Marketing constantly changes for the good and for the bad and we need to be able to handle and thrive within that
  • S22 - The T-shaped marketer shows the areas we need knowledge/experience of and then the vertical bar states that we needs to specialise.
  • S23 -  I joked that I have a fear of Pandas and Penguins due to SEO
  • S24 - Empathy is a key skill. If we can't put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and prospects and the problems they face, the emotions they create, then we can't effectively market to them. We also need to have empathy with the different areas of our business. Once we looking inwardly, we can look outwardly. 

You can find out more about my event speaking here