I listen to a lot of Podcasts. I've been learning from them for about eight years, and as my career progresses and changes, I've added some (and cut some) from my list. Since the turn of the year, I've been working in SaaS marketing, heading up the team at edtech startup, Administrate. With that came the need to learn a heck of a lot about growing a tech business, the SaaS game and much more. The following three podcasts have been incredibly helpful in that regard! 

1 - Seeking Wisdom

Seeking Wisdom is a podcast from the marketing messaging app, Drift and features David Cancel, Drift CEO and Dave Gerhardt, their Marketing Lead. It's a 30 minute max weekly show that covers everything from yep, you guessed it, marketing, handling growth at scale, seeking investment and well beyond. Both of these fine fellows have resumès that include Hubspot and they're masters at delivering golden, applicable advice and insight.

Listen here!

2 - Hack the Entrepreneur 

Hack the Entrepreneur is hosted by Jon Nastor, and he's interviewed 200 of the smartest entrepreneurs around. I often find interview-based shows have a fundamental problem - the interviewer talks too much, failing to drag all of the brilliant knowledge and experience from the subject - this is not the case with Jon! The variety of guests is brilliant and it gets my mind motoring on every listen. 

Listen here!

3 - The Official SaaStr Podcast

There's no way I was going to get through this post without mentioning SaaStr and the mighty Jason Lemkin! Jason doesn't actually feature on the podcast, however, it falls under his SaaStr brand, and that should be all the validation it needs. It's hosted by Harry Stebbings and again uses an interview format to prise the golden nuggets of SaaS goodness from the guests. I particularly gained a lot from a recent interview with Luke Kervin (PatientPop) that offered shining advice on handling a rapidly scaling team. 

Listen here!

There you have it, three SaaS podcasts that you damn well better make a part of your listening habit. Oh, I do a podcast too, fancy hearing interviews with Jay Baer, Morgan Brown, Talia Wolf and more? Click here then!

Got a SaaS podcast to recommend? Share in the comments, or tweet/snap me - mike_mcgrail on both.