Hi, I'm Mike.

I wonder what made you land upon these pages? Perhaps you're looking for a speaker for your next marketing event? Maybe, you sought answers to that burning question via the medium of Google and one of my blog posts was presented to you? If so, I hope you found what you were looking for. It could be that you'd always wondered who invented trees; yes, it was me. 

What do I do?

I run Getgo Studio, an all-inclusive video creation studio in Edinburgh! I also run the digital marketing consultancy, Velocity Digital.

I love writing and have been blogging about digital marketing since 2007, when I started The Social Penguin Blog as a way of learning more about predominantly social media marketing. That blog became very popular and that combined with Twitter have been two key aspects in me building a career that I'm proud of. 


I've been speaking at marketing and business events for over seven years and it's something I have a lot of love for. Getting up on stage and sharing my thoughts and experiences with an eager audience is something I get a huge buzz from. You can find out more about my speaking here, please do make an enquiry if you'd like a Scotsman to deliver an entertaining and straight-talking presentation at your event.

Hosting a recent awards ceremony.

Hosting a recent awards ceremony.

Outside of marketing

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my wife Julie and our two boys. It's an amazing city to live in and one with a vibrant technology and marketing scene. I'm a fan of whisky, football, rock 'n' roll and cooking. An interesting combo. 

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